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Teaching Aids

Teaching can be an incredibly rewarding career. Teachers work daily with the leaders of the next generation. They are given the opportunity to change kids' lives. However, when new teachers begin the trials of the job often outweigh these rewards. The first year of a teacher is hard, but having the right teaching aids will help you to be successful. Here are the top four teaching aids you must have as a new teacher:

Confidence. While this is not necessarily the most tangible of the necessary teaching aids, as a new teacher you won't survive if you lack inner confidence. On the first day and everyday thereafter you must wake up each morning and tell yourself that today, you are going to make a difference and be a great teacher. Kids at any age are tough. If you ever leave home without feeling confident, go back inside, take a deep breath and do not leave until you regain your confidence. You will be naked standing before those children if you do not and nobody wants to witness that.

Podium. Staying organized during your first year will be tough so you must make sure that your teaching aids include a podium. You should keep your daily teaching tools such as notes and lesson plans on this podium. Make it a habit to keep them there and you will never have to rummage through the stacks of papers on your desk looking for these items. Spending time looking for these items will only waste class time and loose your students' attention. Make the most of your teaching aids and stay organized by using your podium as your storage space for the necessities.

Overhead Projector. An overhead projector is a great way to display information to the whole class at the same time. Typing up notes and creating transparencies is much easier than writing all of your notes on the chalk board. Chalkboards are very messy and writing on them requires that you turn your back to your students. This is a major don't when it comes to first year teaching. Once you have your back turned, the students know you do not have control of your class anymore. In addition to notes you can also make transparences of photographs, artwork, charts and graphs. Instead of passing around a handout for everyone to see, keep your students' attention focused on you by making use of your overhead.

Paper, Pencils, and Pens. Despite the fact that you would love to have a computer, whiteboard, smart board, or any other piece of advanced technology to help you communicate with your students, the probability that you will get these items in your first year is slim. Keep your basic needs in mind and don't forget to stock up from your school's resources or your own pocket on paper, pencils, and pens. Students have a lot on their minds and often forget these basic items. Make sure to include in your teaching aids a large supply of these items so that you and your students stay prepared for the entire school year.

Teaching is a challenging profession. Don't let your first year be a nightmare because you fail to prepare. Make sure to arm yourself with the top four teaching aids all first year teachers must have and you will begin your year prepared and ready to meet your new students.