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Sports First Aid Kit

Summer demands summer fun with sports for kids. Basketball, baseball, and soccer are always popular for young boys and girls. If you are in charge of a sports team for kids, your two goals are to make sure they have fun and they stay safe. If your kids get hurt, having these three items in your sports first aid kit will help them to get back out and have more fun:

Assortment of Bandages
Whether it's a small scrape or a large cut, kids always feel better with a band aid. Your sports first aid kit needs band aids in a variety of sizes. If you have young kids on your team include different color and patterned band aids in your kit. These will make your kids feel better because instead of thinking about being hurt, they will enjoy showing off their cool band aids.

While you need to bandage the wound to prevent infection and keep it clean, make sure to use antiseptic to clean it before placing the bandage on. This can be a tough process for kids because antiseptic can sting a little. Look for varieties that are specially made for kids to include in your sports first aid kits. If you are unable to find no sting antiseptic, tell a funny joke or distract your kids while cleaning them up so that the process isn't so bad for them.

Cold and Hot Packs
Cold and hot packs are also necessities for your sports first aid kits. Bumps on the head, leg, and arm are common. Serious occurrences of these injuries should be treated by physicians but minor occurrences can be solved with a cold pack. Even if the injury isn't that bad, kids can get scared by them so giving a kid a cold pack will make them feel much better. Hot packs are also great if your season starts early before it gets warm out. They work well for warming up frozen fingers and toes while players wait their turn.

As a coach, always keep your two goals in mind: fun and safety. When making your sports first aid kits always include the top three items, and you will help kids feel better when they get hurt.