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Sleep Aids

Sleeping aids are a growing industry in America. Even if you've never taken a sleep aid, sometime in your life you will deal with a bout of insomnia. Insomnia can be trigged by several different events. It can be caused by an overactive mind, stress, anxiety and even jet lag. It can range from mild (1-3 weeks) to chronic (more than 3 weeks) and may not even be ongoing but instead come in waves. If you think not sleeping is the worse part, think again, it's going about the next day feeling tired and fatigued. If this is an ongoing matter you may need to seek medical treatment concerning a sleep aid. The following are some ways to avoid some forms of insomnia:

  • Exercise is a good way to burn energy during the day, so at night your body will be ready for some much needed rest.
  • Do not take lengthy naps during the day. Your body will be too rested and when nightfall arrives your body will not cooperate and in turn your sleep patterns will be altered.
  • Avoid anything that will cause interruptions during the night such as drinking before going to bed, having children or even animals sleeping with you, leaving a tv on or turning lights out.
  • Stay on a routine. Get up in the morning at the same time and go to bed at the same time. Your body will get into an automatic routine and establish healthy sleeping patterns
  • Avoid drinking anything with caffeine or sugar in it such as coffee or sodas. They will give you an unwanted high.

There are other forms of sleep aids depending on how severe your insomnia is. If nothing seems to help, don't force yourself to sleep. Get up and read a book or do something to get your mind tired. It might just be simply a mind over matter issue.