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Women will deal with some type of vaginal dryness sometime in their lives. This can cause unwanted hindrances in their sex life. Vaginal dryness can be caused by menopause, prescriptions or hormonal changes. It is associated with unpleasant effects such as itchiness, swelling and can cause pain during sex.

Women naturally produce a certain amount of lubricant which moistens the vagina to keep it healthy and elastic. During sex, this lubricant increases, but for some women, especially menopausal women, this natural lubricant decreases. Ten to forty percent of women going through menopause experience vaginal dryness. It can cause some women to become discouraged and avoid sex altogether.

But with the advances in sex aids, women can feel young again. Many women turn to sex aids such as lubrications and their sex life is restored. Lubricants are easy to put on, and if applied correctly, they do a wonderful job. There are some pre qualifications that should be observed. If a latex condom is being used be sure not to use an oil based sex aid lubricant, they can weaken the latex in the condom. If a condom is being used, a water based lubricant should be used for best results.

Sex aid lubricants are very helpful in assisting with intercourse. They come in silicone based, oil based, water based and even various flavors. Menopause is no reason to hang in the towel. With such a large market of sex aids out there, there is no excuse to recline. You can find a wide range of products and samples on the internet. In the past century, sex has come a long way. It was thought that age brought a lack of sex, but with the new innovations of sex aids, there is a whole new generation of couples enjoying sex into their golden years.