Aid Information

School First Aid

School first aid is very important. Children often don't have the capability to fix themselves when they get hurt, so their teachers must take care of them. Some schools do not have adequate nursing resources so all teachers need to be informed of the two basic rules to school first aid:

Beware of Blood. Even though your first instincts are to take immediate action and help your children at school, the first rule of school first aid is that you must at all times beware of blood. It doesn't matter how old your children are or where they live, you must protect yourself first before handling children with cuts and scrapes. Before making contact with the child, you must assess the situation and protect yourself. An easy way to do this is by keeping a pair of medical gloves in your desk drawer. Always put on these gloves even if the cut is small before attending to the child. You should not help bandage a child or clean up a child without doing this. If gloves are not available immediately, do not just go with your instincts. Get the proper gloves or find someone else who has them to help you out.

Care for Your Kids. When a child gets hurt, it can be a scary experience. If a cut or scrape is a bad one, you need to constantly give encouragement that they are going to be ok during the school first aid process. Kids should never be reprimanded for being hurt or be put in a pressured situation. If a student is hurt because of a scuffle with another child, first attend to the child's medical needs. When the child has calmed down and his or her medical needs have been met, then you can ask the child in a kind manner what happened which caused the occurrence. If a child is badly injured and needs additional medical attention that you cannot perform yourself, make sure to contact the proper resources to get the child help. During the process of school first aid, remember that the kid is just a kid and needs the leadership of an adult role model to keep him or her feeling safe.

When dealing with school first aid always remember to protect yourself when being exposed to blood. Schools have training to help you learn what to do and what not to do in these situations. Make sure to attend these training programs but also remember that kids need to be cared for in times of stress. Always be a nurturing role model for your students.