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Marital Aids

When we first fell in love with our spouses, we would never dream about being apart from them. But with the growing number of people divorcing in our nation today, close to 50%, marital aids will not only be used more and more to strengthen weak marriages, but also used as a preventative for avoiding a broken marriage.

There is a list of reasons that people divorce and lack of communication is on the top of the list. You can ask anyone what the key to a good marriage is and without fail, they will tell you that communication is the golden key. If we know this, why can't we get it right! When we started dating our spouse, we never lacked for words. We could talk forever to them on the phone. We made time for the other no matter the cost. I remember when my husband and I were dating, he would skip out on drum practice from the band he was in, just to spend the evening with me. Spending time with the other person comes so easily when love is fresh. But after the wedding ceremony and the marriage sets in, time spent together dwindles. Time dealing with our jobs, kids and miscellaneous happenings increases while our spouse is ignored.

There are several marital aids out there to help couples stay together. Some couples, who know they need help, may not know where to look for help. They don't know what kind of marital aids that can assist them in communication. I am going to discuss a few of them.

  1. (Books) Books about the subject of marriage are very helpful in helping couples deal with the opposite sex. They help each other understand where the other is coming from and how to address problems. They give insight as to what makes the other spouse tick.
  2. (Date Night) This is the most fun type of marital aid. It's when the couple goes out on a designated night, just the two of them and spends quality time together. It shuts the daily routine and stress of life out so that the couple can focus on each other.
  3. (Counseling) Counseling is another marital aid, which a lot of time is the last resort. Counseling won't work unless both spouses are participating. Counseling makes the couple talk about their problems and deal with the root cause.

Friendship in marriage is very important. Anyone can say they love their spouse, but it's even deeper if you genuinely like your spouse. Spending time together and communicating is what healthy marriages are built on.