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Kitchen Aid

We've come a long way since the days of cooking over an open fire and grinding wheat on a stone. We've grown so dependent on our kitchen aid products, it is a wonder how we ever survived without them. Kitchen aid products have had to keep up with our hectic schedules in order to make life easier for us.

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Where would we be without refrigerators! Before the days of this great luxury, food had to be purchased daily. There was no where to get a cold glass of iced tea on a hot summer day. I guess we'd have to settle for a warm glass of tea. The first home refrigerator was introduced to the public in 1913. The first refrigerator was plain compared to the models we buy now. Now-a-days refrigerators come like cars. You choose your make, model and what operations you want it to perform. Some even have a built in ice machine and water filter.

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One of, if not the biggest, advances in technology concerning kitchen aids, any woman would tell you, would have to be the stove. Benjamin Franklin is credited with creating the first useable stove. He created it to take the place of the much used fireplace. The introduction of the stove was thought to be much more convenient and domestically comfortable to use. It was a great advancement in history.

On a simpler note, I can't leave out the simple kitchen aid conveniences such as blenders, peelers, can openers, and for those southerners we can't forget the potato masher. Kitchen aid appliances have made life a bit easier for all of us. They have freed us up time and allowed us to invest it elsewhere. Kitchen aid appliances, I'm sure, we'll continue to become more advanced and maybe, just maybe, one day will be self cleaning as well. I'm crossing my fingers.