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Industrial First Aid

With insurance costs and workers compensation requirements, all companies care about the safety of the working conditions for their employees. The best way to make sure your workers are safe is to prevent accidents from occurring with safe work environments. No matter how safe your working conditions are though, accidents will happen. You must ensure you have the proper tools to take care of your employees. Here are the top three things to think about when ordering industrial first aid kits:

Size. The size of industrial first aid kits is important depending on how many employees you have in a certain area and the type of work they do. If you have twenty five employees who do deskwork daily, your needs are smaller than a warehouse with one hundred workers engaging in high risk tasks. Make sure the size of your kit matches your employee numbers and their risk levels. Also verify that you have enough industrial first aid kits for all of the locations at your work. If you have twenty floors of offices that means you need at least twenty industrial first aid kits.

Quantity. In addition to the general size of the kit, you must take into account the quantity of items in your industrial first aid kits. Once again thinking about your employee numbers and risk levels is key. However, a first aid kit is necessary when emergencies occur so just because your working conditions may be considered low risk, do not forget to include products for high risk injuries such as cold packs and large bandages for wrapping sprains.

Products. The products that every workplace needs include the basics such as band aids, antiseptic, and cotton swabs. Bandages for wrapping sprains, cold packs, and hot packs are also useful. Ensure your employees will have sufficient care in case of injury by including a variety of products in your industrial first aid kits.

Workplace injuries do happen so make sure your company is prepared for your employees. When purchasing industrial first aid kits consider size, quantity, and products to make sure your bases are covered.