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Financial Aid

In this day and age there is literally no excuse for not applying for some form of financial aid for college. There are so many types of financial aid out there. And you will only learn about them by applying. Some of the most well known financial aids are scholarships, pell grants and student loans.

Scholarships can be awarded to potential students for various reasons and don't require repayment for their use. The most widespread reasons are for academic, underprivileged, athletic and artistic achievements. High school graduates are the most common candidates for these types of scholarships.

There are different types of scholarships. Some scholarships pay part of tuition and some pay all tuition. You can apply for additional scholarships from various avenues. has a variety to choose from. Scholarships can also be awarded for a particular field of study. You can also find personal scholarships that are available through private donors. Certain restrictions usually apply for the recipient.

Pell Grants is another form of financial aid that is free to students. It is the most popular of any financial aid available. It is used to assist students who are in most need for assistance. It is adjustable to the needs of the student. If financial situations arise at home such as a decrease in household income, the grant will be adjusted to accommodate the change.

Student Loans is a form of aid that requires repayment. But there are a number of low interest loans out there as well as repayment plans to accommodate you. There are even plans that do not require payment until after graduation. Student loans are a last resort or are used to pay what other financial means do not cover.
These are just a few resources for financial aid. There are a number of other resources out there. Take the time to apply. In the long run it will be worth it.