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According to the American Obesity Association, approximately 127 million adults in the United States are clinically overweight. Of those, 60 million are considered obese (meaning that they have a body mass index of 30 or higher) and 9 million are severely obese. On the bright side, Americans are starting to become more health conscious -- as evidenced by recent changes in food offerings in grocery stores and quick service restaurants, as well as the growing number of specialized diets and weight loss products.

Obesity can lead to a number of health problems, and causes a estimated 300,000 deaths nationwide every year. Yet, it can be prevented -- not through fad diets or miracle pills, but by careful eating, exercise, and tried-and-true diet aids. So how does one tell the legitimate, effective weight-loss products from the inferior ones? It isn't always easy. Thankfully, that's where the good folks at Consumer Health Digest come in. Earlier this year, they conducted extensive research on numerous different products, and compiled a list of the ten most effective.

What criteria was involved? According to the Consumer Health Digest website: "We focused on those supplements that could help diminish appetite, cut cravings, increase metabolism, energy levels, and increase the amount of calories burned. We further examined each product's individual ability to burn fat and keep fat from binding to the body resulting in weight gain. After review of the scientific literature, we chose only safe, natural products that had studies showing support for weight loss. Only those products that met our criteria are listed in the results."

So which diet aid did they dub the best? That honor belongs to Lipovarin. According to the product's official website, Lipovarin uses an ingredient called citrus aurantium to help speed up a person's metabolism. Finishing as first and second runners-up, respectively, are Anorex-SF and Leptoprin-SF -- both of which are the same, non-ephedra-based diet aid.

As for their verdict, the folks at the Consumer Health Digest say the following: "Lipovarin demonstrates overall safety and effective weight loss results at a reasonable cost. Anorex-SF may have potential for good weight loss results, but seems to be less effective than the original formula. Leptoprin-SF may have potential for good weight loss results, as it contains the same ingredients as Anorex-SF."

Rounding out the top ten diet aids, in order, are -- Zotrin, CortiDrene, Hydroxycut, ThermaLean-RX, Xenadrine-EFX, Lean System 7 and TrimSpa.