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Beauty Aids

All women want to look their best, but all of us are not rich. It is important to know which beauty aids to spend money on and which ones you don't need to. Here are the three best beauty aids to spend a little extra on to keep yourself looking your best:

Cleansing System. Every woman has different face needs. Some are oily while others are dry. Some need a little refresher while others need a deep cleansing treatment. Take the time and spend the money until you find the cleansing system that works for your skin type. You may need a soap, astringent, and moisturizer so make sure to try each type in different brands and formulas. When you find the beauty aids that best fit the cleansing needs of your skin, stick with it and spend your money on it. Your cleansing system should be your base to all other beauty aids purchases. If you don't have the right cleansing system in the first place, what's the point in adding anything else to your routine?

Powder. While foundations are popular beauty aids, the powders of today outweigh their benefits. Using a light concealer in conjunction with a powder always yields a more natural and polished look than a heavy base of foundation. Just like you did for your cleansing wash, you need to try different brands and formulas to find a powder that fits your skin type. Pay the most attention to color. Failing to match your skin tone to a powder will leave you looking fake in natural light. Once you find your perfect powder, stay with it.

Mascara. Nothing makes eyes more beautiful than mascara. Choose a formula based on color and brush size. Recently dual tipped mascaras have become popular. These are great beauty aids because one side of the mascara wand thickens lashes with a base coat and the other end finishes off your look in a natural color. This two step process is quick for longtime mascara wearers and makes it so that you no longer need to mess around with those annoying eye lash curlers.

Spending your money on these three beauty aids is a smart decision if you want to look good and stay within a reasonable budget. Going generic or buying less expensive varieties of your other cosmetics is ok as long as you buy these basics well.