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Baseball Training Aids

Summer is almost over, and for most youngsters, baseball season has already ended. In select areas, players have access to a fall season, but for many diamond die-hards this simply isn't an option. So what should players do to entertain themselves, get their baseball fix and hone their hitting skills during those long winter months?

One hitting instruction device that has become quite popular as of late is the Hit-A-Way Swing Trainer. Endorsed by Baseball Hall of Fame member Reggie Jackson, commercials for the Hit-A-Way have a fixture during baseball games for several years now, and the device has been successful enough over its lifespan that Pro Performance Sports (the makers of this instrument) have since released a new version, the Hit-A-Way Title Series, as well as a softball version of the product.

So how good is the Hit-A-Way? It may just be the best baseball training aid on the market.

Hit-A-Way is a rather simple looking device. It consists of a leather baseball enclosed in a two-pointed tether of sorts, which is then fastened via cord to a pole or similar structure. From there, you wrap the cord around the pole-like structure and then pitch the ball. The cord will begin to unwind so that the ball will speed around back at you. In this way, it simulates a pitch. Once you make contact with the ball, it will quick wrap-around the pole and then unwind back at you. The harder you hit it, the faster it will come back at you. It can even be adjusted to simulate different pitch locations in the strike zone.

One feature that Pro Performance Sports really emphasizes about the Hit-A-Way is the convenience factor, and rightfully so. Hands down, this is the easiest baseball training aid on the market to use. No chasing balls, no re-loading pitching machines, and no tapping into the old wallet to buy more time at the batting cages. The only flaw with the device that was encountered during testing was the fact that the tether tended to slide down the pole at times, causing the Hit-A-Way to work incorrectly. This was, however, fixed quickly and easily and was not a big deal.

With so many "as seen on TV" products proving to be faulty, defective, or just plain worthless, the Hit-A-Way is a true sigh of relief. It is a baseball training aid that delivers on its promises, and then some. It is easy to set up, easy to use and effective -- not to mention a ton of fun. If you are looking for a good way to improve your swing during the winter months, give the Hit-A-Way a chance. Even if you're skeptical, you will likely be pleasantly surprised.